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Permeable Pavers- Commercial And Residential Use

PERMEABLE PAVERS: Plymouth | Northville, MI

Discover how permeable pavers can enhance residential and commercial spaces, from driveways and pathways to pool decks and patios in Plymouth MI. Be aware of misconceptions – these pavers offer both functionality and style. Call Today! (248) 939-3600. Permeable pavers in Plymouth work by utilizing a system of foundation aggregates to filter water and conserve the environment. As rainwater seeps through the pavement, it is filtered and stored in the base before reaching the natural soils and replenishing underground aquifers.


In addition to their environmental benefits, permeable pavers offer aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. They reduce pollutants from rainwater runoff and can reduce overall runoff by up to 100% during a rainstorm. Unlike traditional detention or retention ponds, these pavers have a long lifespan of 50 years and perform well in different weather conditions. Whether you choose more porous pavers or a combination of pavers and aggregate material, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that is both stylish and eco-friendly. Choose permeable pavers in Northville for a sustainable solution that benefits you and the environment.


Find Inspiration for Your Hardscape Project with Stunning Drawings

Whether you love a classic or modern look or prefer a traditional or contemporary style, finding inspiration for your hardscape project is crucial. Are you drawn to straight lines, or do you choose curved designs? You may ask yourself these questions as you gather ideas for your upcoming front entrance, driveway, or outdoor living space remodel. With the popularity of social media, inspiration is all around us. We have compiled a selection of our favorite locations to inspire your project.


Harness the Power of Social Media and Home Improvement Accounts

Take advantage of the vast range of profiles and hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Landscape designers often use hashtags such as #Hardscape #LandscapeDesign #Patios #BackyardGoals when showcasing their work. Follow these hashtags and save any images that catch your eye. Your potential contractor also has a company account on Facebook and Instagram. These pages can provide valuable insights into the contractor’s work and style.


Draw Inspiration from Restaurants, Parks, and Local Hangouts

Sometimes, the best inspiration can come from unexpected places. Consider the design details in nearby restaurants, parks, and office buildings. You might spot a pattern on bathroom floor tiles or kitchen backsplashes that perfectly suits your taste. When you meet with your landscape designer or contractor, snap a quick photo with your phone for easy reference.


Explore Websites like Pinterest and Houzz

Pinterest and Houzz are invaluable resources for home renovation projects of all kinds. Create a dedicated “Board” on Pinterest or an “Idea Book” on Houzz to save images of outdoor areas that catch your attention. Pinterest often includes links to informative articles, just like ours. Remember to explore the boards of manufacturers and Northville landscape architects for additional inspiration. Houzz also offers the advantage of providing detailed product information for featured shots, making replicating the looks you love easier. Find your hardscape project inspiration through drawings and discover a world of possibilities for your outdoor spaces.


The Most Popular Brick Paver Patterns: A Guide


Create Depth and Dimension with Random Patterns

Unlock endless possibilities with a random pattern. This layout adds depth and dimension to your driveways. Customize your project by adding different color borders. Accentuate your chosen driveway pavers by incorporating a darker border. Match your roof and siding for a cohesive look.


Utilize Borders to Define and Enhance

Remember to underestimate the power of borders. Use them to define the perimeter of pools, steps, and other outdoor spaces. Let your imagination run wild as you choose colors, textures, and border widths. Create a double border with multiple paver products, colors, or styles.


Add Flair with Intriguing Paver Laying Techniques

Take your paving job to the next level with captivating laying techniques. Consult with your contractor to find the design that combines installation effectiveness and beauty. The only limit is your imagination!


Bring Your Outdoor Living Spaces to Life

Transform your outdoor spaces with paver patterns. Draw attention to specific areas, add depth to your patio design, or create distinct outdoor rooms. Enhance visual interest and make a statement with the right paver pattern.


Traditional Herringbone for a Classic Look

Achieve a timeless low-country look with the traditional herringbone pattern. Zigzagging rows of pavers create a striking design. Opt for smaller rectangular pavers for a classic herringbone, or experiment with larger pavers for a contemporary twist. This pattern is perfect for driveways as it withstands movement from tire pressure.


Choose the Perfect Brick Paver Pattern for Your Project

Explore these popular brick paver patterns and find the one that best suits your needs. Achieve stunning aesthetics and lasting durability with the right choice. Make a statement and enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Consult with professionals and let your imagination guide you in selecting the perfect pattern. Call Today! (248) 939-3600

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