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Winter Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Beat the Winter Blues: Pro Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape Through the Cold


Get our winter landscaping tips for Northville and Plymouth residents: Call Blackstone Landscaping Today!

Don’t let the winter weather ruin your landscape! With the help of Blackstone Landscaping, you can ensure that your Northville or Plymouth Garden stays in top shape even during the coldest months. Our team is here to handle all of your winter landscaping needs, so you can relax and enjoy a worry-free winter. Give us a call at (248) 939-3600 to get our expert tips on how to maintain your garden during the winter season in Northville and Plymouth.


Here are some essential winter landscaping tips for Northville and the Plymouth homeowners:


  1. Embrace the Mulch:

Mulch is a winter warrior! A generous layer (2-3 inches) around trees, shrubs, and flower beds insulates the soil, retains moisture, and suppresses weed growth. Opt for organic materials like shredded bark, wood chips, or compost for added benefits like nutrient enrichment.


  1. Winterize Your Watering:

While your lawn may be dormant, it still needs occasional hydration. Deep water during mild spells (around 1 inch) to prevent the roots from drying out. Remember, less is more – overwatering can lead to root rot in frozen soil.


Transform your Northville & Plymouth yard into a winter wonderland! ☃️ Blackstone Landscaping’s winter landscaping magic. Call (248) 939-3600!


  1. Prune with Precision:

Winter is the perfect time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs while they’re dormant. This allows for better light penetration and clearer branch structure. Focus on removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches, and avoid over-pruning, especially with flowering shrubs that set buds on old wood.


  1. Rake Responsibly:

Don’t let fallen leaves suffocate your lawn! Rake them up regularly to prevent disease and promote air circulation. Bonus tip: compost the leaves for nutrient-rich mulch in the spring.


  1. Snow Savvy:

Say goodbye to winter woes in Northville & Plymouth! Blackstone Landscaping’s snow removal & ice melt solutions let you relax. Snowfall can be beautiful, but heavy accumulation can damage your plants. Gently brush snow off branches to prevent breakage, and avoid piling it against tree trunks, which can cause bark rot.


  1. Winter Wonderland Delights:

Add a touch of winter magic to your Plymouth MI landscape! String lights, lanterns, and festive decorations can transform your yard into a sparkling wonderland. Choose winter-hardy plants like hellebores, witch hazel, and snowdrops for added color and texture.


Embrace winter beauty in Northville & Plymouth! ❄️ Blackstone Landscaping shares expert tips for stunning winter landscapes. Call (248) 939-3600 today!


  1. Don’t Forget the Birds:

Provide our feathered friends with a winter haven! Hang bird feeders filled with sunflower seeds, peanuts, and suet. Adding a birdbath with heated water will be a welcome oasis for thirsty birds.


  1. Keep an Eye on the Weather:

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared for sudden cold snaps or heavy snowfalls by having protective materials like frost cloths or burlap readily available.


  1. Tools of the Trade:

Make sure your winter landscaping tools are in good working order. Sharpen shovels, axes, and pruners, and check for cracks or damage. Invest in a sturdy snow shovel and ice melt for walkways and driveways.


  1. Enjoy the Season:

Winter landscapes can be breathtakingly beautiful. Take some time to appreciate the quiet beauty of your snow-covered garden, and dream of the vibrant blooms that spring will bring.


Our experienced team provides a full range of landscaping services:

  • Hand-Drawn Designs
  • Plant Installations
  • Patios
  • Mulch & Stone
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Hardscapes
  • Brick Pavers
  • Sod Installation
  • Retaining Walls
  • And more!


Winterizing Your Lawn and Garden:

As winter approaches, preparing your lawn and garden for the colder months is crucial. Here are some practical tips:


Lawn Care:

  • Mowing: Continue mowing until the grass stops growing, typically around the first frost. Keep the final cut slightly longer than usual to insulate the soil.
  • Raking: Remove fallen leaves promptly to prevent smothering the grass and promoting disease. Shredded leaves can be added to compost piles or used as mulch around trees and shrubs.
  • Fertilizing: Apply a winterized fertilizer in late fall. This low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus formula strengthens roots and promotes healthy growth come spring.


Plant Protection:

  • Tender plants: Move potted plants indoors before the first frost. For sensitive shrubs and trees, wrap burlap or frost blankets around the base and branches.
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials to insulate the roots and retain moisture. Choose organic materials like shredded bark, wood chips, or compost.
  • Watering: Continue watering deeply until the ground freezes. Deep watering encourages roots to grow deeper, making them more resistant to drought and winter damage.


Keeping Walkways Clear:

  • Salt or De-icing Products: Apply salt or de-icing products to walkways and driveways to prevent ice formation. Choose eco-friendly options whenever possible.

Spreading salt on walkway

  • Mats and Runners: Lay down mats or runners on high-traffic areas to provide traction and prevent slips and falls.
  • Shoveling: Regularly shovel snow to prevent build-up and make walkways more accessible.


Bonus Tips:

  • Sharpen your tools: Ensure your shovel, rake, and other winterizing tools are sharp and in good condition before tackling winter chores.
  • Clean gutters: Clear leaves and debris from your gutters to prevent ice dams and potential roof damage.
  • Check outdoor plumbing: Disconnect and drain hoses to prevent freezing and potential bursts.


By following these winter landscaping tips, you can ensure your cherished outdoor space survives the cold season and emerges ready to flourish come spring. Remember, a little planning and proactive care go a long way in keeping your winter landscape healthy and beautiful. So, 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better! We hope to be working on your project soon. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home landscape design consultation!

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